Dear Friend of the Falcon,

Since making the decision with Tracy in 2016 to renovate The Falcon we have come across many closures due to Covid and more recently restrictions set out by the Government. I would like to tell you what the hospitality industry in general and The Falcon in particular is faced with but first to give you a snapshot of the vision we both have for the business.

Our vision was to turn it into a boutique hotel dedicated to health and wellbeing where people could come and experience rest and renewal in this corner of our beautiful village and estate. The interior of the hotel was designed to reflect the beautiful nature around us on the estate. We are keen to give more access to parts of the estate as part of our desire to connect people to nature. We are very conscious of the fact that we are surrounded by village life and do not want to do anything which could disturb that.

The reason for my writing is to explain why it has become necessary to severely restrict the business we are able to offer at the moment. The fact is we are finding it very difficult to find trained hotel employees particularly in the food and beverage sector. This seems to be a common problem across the industry and there are many reasons for it which I won’t elaborate on here. We have been very fortunate to have lots of young people from the local area who have been working hard to service our guests. It is a shortage of managers to train and assist them that has caused us the most problems and while this situation will undoubtedly pass, none of us know when this will happen. Since partially re-opening in May, it has been particularly difficult and we took the decision to severely restrict the amount of business we could accept according to the number of staff we had available. It is not fair to expect our young team members to work long hours under great pressure when they have not been properly trained.

I can assure you that it is the last thing any of us want to do as it puts considerable pressure on the business financially. We hope that this limited service will not last for very long and that we will soon be on our feet and able to welcome many more people through our doors. I am particularly keen to see the Cellar Bar open as I have such fond memories of my misspent youth there in the 60’s when Mrs Mercer entertained us! 

We look forward to welcoming you all soon and I will keep you updated as things progress.

With best wishes,

Spenny Northampton